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Tired of Brand Impersonation Stealing Your Clicks and Revenue?

ImpersonAlly, the industry-leading solution from Search Machines, goes beyond basic fraud detection to offer unmatched protection against brand impersonation in Google Ads. We don’t just tell you there’s a problem – we identify the culprits, expose their tactics, and empower you to take action.

Here’s what sets ImpersonAlly apart:

1. Deeper Detection:

  • No Click Fraud: We never click on your ads, ensuring ethical and accurate detection.
  • Affiliate Network Insights: We analyze your affiliate network data to uncover hidden connections and expose complex fraud schemes automatically.
  • Advanced Persona-Based Monitoring: We go beyond keywords, actively monitoring impersonator hotspots based on real-world user behavior.
  • Data Fusion: We integrate with your affiliate platforms and cross-reference data from multiple sources, painting a holistic picture.

2. Unmasking the True Culprits:

  • Automatic Affiliate ID Identification: We don’t require manual effort – our system automatically unmasks the hidden affiliate IDs behind even the most sophisticated redirects.
  • Beyond Simple Redirects: We analyze advertiser data alongside affiliate data, exposing intricate fraud schemes that go beyond basic keyword matching.

3. Comprehensive Protection:

  • Brand Bidding & Phishing: We tackle diverse threats, including brand bidding and phishing attempts, offering complete brand protection.
  • Actionable Insights: We provide detailed reports and actionable data, empowering you to terminate fraudulent affiliates and reclaim your rightful clicks.
  • Proven Trust: Leading brands are ditching outdated solutions and choosing ImpersonAlly – experience the difference.

ImpersonAlly isn’t just another tool. It’s a proactive partner in your fight against impersonation. We deliver:

  • 20 years of search marketing expertise: Our team includes industry veterans from Googles biggest customer with insider knowledge of brand protection strategies.
  • Seamless integration: ImpersonAlly seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, minimizing disruption.
  • Continuous innovation: We stay ahead of the curve, constantly evolving our technology to combat emerging fraud tactics.

Don’t settle for partial protection. Test ImpersonAlly for free and experience the difference.

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