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Clients’ Success Stories

Discover the transformative power of Search Machines – explore the results we’ve helped our clients achieve and learn how working with us can bring value to your own business.


Ahoy Achieves Smooth Sailing with 87% CPL Reduction & Scalable Growth 

Case Study Ahoy! Insurance, known for its innovative approach to recreational boating insurance, were unsatisfied…
February 5, 2024

How we grew Greetings Island’s monthly revenue 322% at a tROAS of 100%

Case Study Greetings Islands joined us four months ago and their monthly revenue has increased…
September 12, 2023

Why boutique hotel website Mr & Mrs Smith have been happy clients for 6+ years

Case Study In a partnership that has now spanned 6 years, Search Machines have increased Mr…
March 16, 2023

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