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Case Study

Ahoy! Insurance, known for its innovative approach to recreational boating insurance, were unsatisfied with prior in-house and agency-based PPC attempts and unsure if it could work for their specialized market.

At a glance

  • 87% reduction in CPL
  • 53% increase in application rate
  • 17% increase in ad click to form completion
  • ROI targets hit from week one

Our previous in-house and agency-based efforts fell flat, but Search Machines delivered results from week one with an ROI that exceeded expectations. From targeted ad copy to personalized landing pages, Search Machines' full funnel PPC increased our application rates by 53%. Now, we get more qualified leads and convert them more effectively.

Amit NisenbaumCEO, Ahoy! Insurance

The Challenge:

Ahoy!’s primary goals were: 

  1. Reduce cost per lead (CPL) compared to previous attempts.
  2. Achieve a sustainable ROI. 
  3. Increase successful application rates.
  4. Scale to a meaningful volume.

Search Machines’ Solution:

Search Machines employed a comprehensive PPC strategy tailored to Ahoy!’s specific needs: 

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Utilizing data-driven insights, Search Machines optimized campaigns to reduce CPL by 87% from Ahoy!’s previous efforts.
  2. Hyper-Local Targeting: Customized ads by state and city across the US ensured messaging resonated with geographic searches, boosting relevance and engagement. 
  3. Underwriting Integration: Innovative ad copy incorporated Ahoy!’s underwriting rules into ad copy. Search Machines increased application success rates by 53% in 8 weeks, ensuring qualified leads. 
  4. Landing Page Personalization: AI platform,  ATLAS™, dynamically personalized landing pages based on user search queries. This meant customers saw messaging and visuals specifically tailored to their search instead of generic messaging, resulting in a 17% increase in ad click to form starts. 
  5. Data-Driven Optimization: Constant monitoring and adjustments based on performance data ensured campaigns remained profitable while achieving high impression share for top keywords.  

The Results:

Within just eight weeks, Search Machines delivered an impactful transformation for Ahoy!:  

  • 87% reduction in CPL compared to Ahoy!’s previous paid search activities.  
  • 53% increase in successful application rates.  
  • 60% impression share for top keywords while maintaining profitability.  
  • 17% increase in ad click to form completion through personalized landing pages.

By combining expert industry knowledge, data-driven optimization and cutting-edge AI technology like ATLAS, Search Machines not only scaled Ahoy!’s business profitably but also exceeded their expectations, driving qualified leads and increasing application rates.

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