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Case Study

Greetings Islands joined us four months ago and their monthly revenue has increased by an impressive 322%, all while maintaining a target return on ad spend (ROAS) of 100%.

Here are the highlights of how we did this.


Search Machines were approached by one of Israel’s leading card and invitation print companies Greetings Island after they had struggled to get their Google PPC marketing to perform at a positive ROI for some years and needed help. 

Search Machines transformed our search engine marketing growing it 322% in 6 months and at a positive ROI for the first time in our company history!


The Account Issues

We started with a deep dive into their data and our analysis identified five core issues: 

  1. A lack of adequate keyword coverage  
  2. Overly generic ads  
  3. Ads sending customers to landing pages that were too general 
  4. Bidding that could be further improved 
  5. Uneven ROAS performance

The Search Machine Solution

Using out AI technology ATLAS we were able to rapidly address each of them: 

  1. The entire account was redesigned to help Google to better bid by geography and product type. 
  2. Keywords were increased 3x by ATLAS’ search term crawler gathering all relevant terms. 
  3. Super specific ads were generated by using ATLAS’ AI driven understanding of the search terms.  
  4. Using ATLAS’ understanding of the search terms more specific landing pages were allocated. 
  5. ATLAS’ mROAS bidding solution augmented Google’s own bidding product to maximize revenue yield.  

The impact was 322% growth in monthly revenue at their target ROAS of 100%

The total time from contract signature to accounts being live in the account was three weeks, and as you can see the team and tech at Search Machines were able to deliver value immediately.


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