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Changing Agency is a Big Deal.

Performance Marketing is a huge driver for your business and there are targets to hit. Changing agency feels like a big risk and a dip in performance could ruin the year.  

We understand the stakes.

That is why we have invested in developing a client onboarding methodology that consistently avoids performance dips and delivers real improvements within the first 90 days. 

Proven Success for Clients in the Frist 90 days

Here are three examples of how our clients thrived in 90 days with Search Machines:

Remarkably these results were achieved while the clients were transitioning to our new account design meaning that some account history was inevitably lost. However, a smooth transition, the avoidance of performance dips and improved results can be achieved with due care and a clear plan.

A Plan That Delivers Seamlessly 

Our client onboarding process has been developed by one of Procter & Gamble’s top program managers. 

That process has over 70 elements but it can be summarized in four phases: 

1. Account design & implementation – Our in-house data science team analyse historical performance to determine an optimal account structure.  Then, using our demand driven approach, we build out full keyword coverage and highly targeted ads 

2. Soft Launch – We run the new structure on low bids in parallel with your existing campaigns to give time for Google to learn and ensure all incremental traffic is profitable.

3. Fine Tuning – Next we compare the old and new campaigns to identify any missed opportunities or issues.

4. Full Transition – Finally, once when everything is ready we incrementally increase bids until traffic has fully migrated and the old structure can be switched off. 

This approach has allowed us to eliminate the anxiety associated with switching agencies, delivering improved results from the moment we take on accounts. 

Our focus on results continues as a relentless pursuit for all of our clients. Watch a video case study about how we grew Mr & Mrs Smith’s account 35% Year on Year after having already grown their account 10x. 

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