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Free competitor Analysis

Uncover your competitors CPA’s and CPC’s with our free competitive research tool

With decades of expertise, we have earned a reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions that are trusted globally by leading c-suite professionals. Take advantage of our complimentary competitor analysis tool to gain valuable insights and gain a competitive edge.

Bring down your overall CPC’s by outbidding competitors.

Improve your quality scores by leveraging our actionable insights.

Discover gaps in keyword coverage and optimize for maximum visibility.

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Introducing ATLAS

ATLAS brings search marketing excellence by automating hundreds of 1% gains.

It uses AI and machine learning to optimize every keyword, ad, landing page and bid. All those improvements aggregate for a massive overall uplift in performance leading ultimately to a reduction in wasted spend.

WE currently manage over $150M in annual marketing spend for businesses of all sizes in retail, travel, insurance and education. ATLAS is a product that can be used by your own in-house team helping your business and your clients up their game. Atlas is also a product that our team of specialist account managers can fulfil on your behalf.

What people say about us

Working with Search Machines has transformed our performance marketing. Specifically since the introduction of Atlas which has grown our ROI by 55%.

Lee Ruddle

Chief Customer Officer, Mr and Mrs Smith

ATLAS raises the bar on search marketing excellence and automation.

Guillaume Devinat

CEO, Opteo

Search Machines transformed our search engine marketing growing it 322% in 6 months and at a positive ROI for the first time in our company history!

Ehud Zamir

CEO, Greetings Island