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ProfitMAX Bidder modifies Google’s smart bidding to seek out the maximum profit yield.

Increase Your Profit - Make Google Smart Bidding Smarter

  • Sets CPA and ROAS targets at ad group / campaign / portfolio level​
  • Uses and extends Bid Simulator data signals​
  • Wins of >10-15% in AB tests for client accounts vs regular smart bidding​

Client A/B Test Results

Drive More Profit for Travel and E-Comm Clients

Optimizing Adgroup Yields

Drive More Profit Using Custom Signals

ProfitMax understands the Google auction dynamics and elasticity curves to set better targets

It dynamically adjusts adgroup level tCPA or tROAS targets, daily or hourly​ to maximize yields

Proprietary algorithms solve for conversion lag, noise, CLV, cancellations and custom signals​​

Schedule a Free Bidding Strategy Session

In the no-charge consultation our specialists will discuss:

  • Your current bidding challenges and optimization goals.
  • The latest bid strategies, algorithms, and automation tactics.
  • How advanced bidding technology can optimize your campaigns.
  • Rigorous A/B testing protocols to validate performance gains.

There’ll be no obligation to use our services.