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Unlock the Power of Personalization with Search Machines

Imagine searching for “car insurance” with the specific intention of insuring your Mazda 3. You deserve an ad and landing page tailored to your exact needs, not a generic pitch for any and all car insurance.

Yet, under Google’s current system, advertisers using broad match for “car insurance” might trigger the same ad and landing page regardless of whether the searcher is looking for basic liability coverage or comprehensive protection for a high-performance vehicle.

This trend towards broader matches benefits Google by maximizing ad inventory and revenue. However, it can create a significant hurdle for advertisers prioritizing user experience and conversion rates. Generic messaging and landing pages cater to a wider audience but resonate with none, leading to:

  1. Frustrated Users: Mismatched expectations lead to higher bounce rates and decreased trust in advertised brands. A 2021 McKinsey report found that 76% of customers get frustrated when companies don’t deliver personalized interactions.
  2. Low click-through rates (CTRs): Marketing studies show that generic messaging generates lower click-through rates compared with personalized messaging. For example, personalization increased CTR for Evolve by 10% by including specific messaging for traveling professional.
  3. Lower Conversions Rates: Generic landing pages struggle to convert users who have specific needs and purchase intent. This study shows how Ahoy Insurance was losing out on a 17% increase in quote request before personalization.

Personalization That Gets Results:

Don’t let Google’s broad match push dictate your personalization strategy. Search Machines empowers you to deliver relevant, user-centric experiences that drive conversions and build lasting brand loyalty throughout the funnel. Here’s how: 

  1. AI-Powered Personalization: ATLAS™ dynamically personalizes ad copy and landing page content, such as images, headlines and Call to Actions, ensuring content speaks directly to each user.
  2. Embrace Negative Keywords: We meticulously exclude irrelevant searches from your broad match campaigns, ensuring your ads reach genuinely interested audiences.
  3. Strategic Keyword Mix: We leverage the power of phrase & exact match keywords for greater control and relevance, even if they reach a smaller audience.
  4. Retargeting Personalization: We craft focused retargeting campaigns with relevant messaging and offers, re-engaging customers with laser focus.
  5. Data-Driven Optimization: We constantly monitor performance and user behavior, adjusting campaigns to ensure personalization remains effective.

The Search Machines Advantage:

Whilst ATLAS leverages cutting-edge AI technology, we understand that authentic, human-crafted messaging forms the foundation of successful personalization. That’s why our team of experienced PPC professionals work hand-in-hand with ATLAS to: 

  • Develop targeted messaging: We craft compelling ad copy and landing page content that resonates with your audience and aligns with their unique needs. 
  • Fine-tune AI insights: We interpret the data gathered by ATLAS, adding our strategic understanding to ensure effective application. 
  • Continuously optimize: We monitor campaign performance and user behavior, adjusting as required to ensure that the personalization remains effective. 
  • Measure results: We enable you to track the impact of personalization with detailed reporting and clear ROI visibility. 
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